Are you looking to join a winning team in I.T. Consulting Services?

Trust I.T. is hiring!

Due to our successful track record in the Baton Rouge area, Trust I.T. continues to grow.  We’re looking for an uncommon mix: self-starters who are motivated to push their talents to the limit and who enjoy collaborating with peers and customers.  If you have superior technical talent and an unshakeable focus to help customers succeed, then Trust I.T. will be a great career choice for you!

Get your IT Career on Track

Are you bored in your current position or tired of not learning about new technology? Are you so focused on one area of technology that you’re getting rusty and unable to deepen your overall IT knowledge?  We provide many opportunities to use newly acquired skills every day. In addition, we provide opportunities for career development to keep you growing in an ever changing I.T. world.

The Career Expressway

Is it time for a change of scenery? At Trust I.T., we stress people skills first. Not only will you learn all types of game changing technology, you’ll get to work with an amazing group of professionals.  At the same time, you’ll enhance your communication skills and gain experience that will contribute to your career success.

Great Work Environment

Trust I.T. cultivates a positive work environment by hiring energetic team members who are committed to giving excellent customer service to our valued clients.  To that end, we’re very selective during the hiring process and we work hard to ensure a good fit for all of our candidates.  Our work environment provides a friendly, challenging, flexible, as well as fast paced atmosphere.

Stepping to the Next Level

Our team emphasizes learning through a combination of formal education and working every day in the trenches. If you’re driven by the love of learning, there is never a shortage of opportunities at Trust I.T. Our goal is to help you grow professionally by taking an active role in your success.

Looking for a Place to Stay?

Sometimes, a consulting firm is viewed as only a building block for a career. Once you become a part of our team, we want you to stay. Our competitive compensation, flexible schedules, excellent team, valued local clients and the opportunity to learn something new every day, make Trust I.T. a great long term career option.

Here’s a list of our current openings: